The Home for Your Musical Journey

Saint Germain Music Studio, conveniently located in downtown St. Cloud, provides piano lessons for all ages and levels. Online lessons are also available.

Music is inside of every person and what inspires each of us musically is unique. Through joy, hard work, creativity, and discipline, Saint Germain Music Studio can make music come to life in a different way for each student.  What delights me as a teacher is helping each student, young and old, to realize their potential.  Here at Saint Germain Music Studio, I will encourage you, teach you, and support you whether you are a seasoned musician or just starting out.

If you are looking for a music studio that will help you find music that is exciting to you, has high standards, a devoted teacher, offers a variety of musical experiences, and is committed to the community, I encourage you to contact me today!

-- Bonnie Sorensen-Ernst, owner and teacher